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The seed of what was to become Handshake Management germinated in 1968 when two neighbors played at Charles Stewart's 2nd birthday party. It was also the first time he ‘heard’ folk music. Stewart discovered the genius of Pete Seeger in 1973 while watching Sesame Street. His parents thought “it might be one of those stages”. To their dismay that was not the case. He was the only kid in 3rd grade to know the lyrics to “City of New Orleans”. In the 80s, a local rock station dedicated 2 hours each Sunday to Acoustic music. Stewart would call the DJ, Steve Coffman, and absorb himself in all of the music and music history information he could.

While in college he had the opportunity to program and produce his own folk show on the campus radio station, meeting and befriending some of the best singer/songwriters around. It was at this time that one of Charlie's listeners gave him the opportunity to book the stage at a small coffeehouse. By now Stewart was refered to only as “Charlie”. After gaining first hand experience at booking, Charlie again crossed paths with the by now the infamous Coffman who he used to bug. Coffman offered him a job and a paycheck at a commercial radio station in San Antonio, Texas and followed with a show placed in syndication.

After seeing the biz from several different perspectives, including induction to the Kerrville folk festival tribe, Charlie founded Handshake Management, a consulting and management company. Handshake has helped independent acoustic and Folk artists remain that way, independent, far from the noose of major labels. Terri Hendrix, Dave Carter and Tracy Grammar have sought his help in various endeavors. Charlie is also a regional showcase coordinator for the Southwest Regional Folk Alliance and is now developing another project by pitching songs to TV and movie productions. The reputation of Handshake Management is steadily growing due mostly to fact that it looks at the talent and timber of people rather than the almighty buck. Charlie does not ‘work’ in the music biz, he eats, breaths and sleeps it. As long as the icebox is full and the bills are paid, he is content, everything else is just gravy. As one of his mentors says "money may be the bottom line but not the only line" which serves as one of the mantras Handshake Management was founded on.

The Charlie Cast!
The Charlie Cast
By The Numbers - Sequencing 04/09/15 8:35pm
Compass 02/05/15 8:00pm
Misbuttoned_Angel 12/19/14
GranMa Warren - Pilot 11/06/14
Charlie and Rod
Charlie Stewart and Rod Kennedy
Thank You Rod Kennedy
I thank you for how you've molded me into who I am, but I also send word from the masses whom you have helped along the way. What a revolution you started! I dare say no man may have saved as many lives as you. In 1972, the world was different - the college kids of the day faced almost insurmountable odds, from the Flower Children to returning vets, they needed a clean slate that no one was was willing to provide but you. Early on, the Chequered Flag provided sanctuary to those confused by the troubled times. From it sprang some of the most important art ever created. There were other scenes across the country, but none that valued or respected these young believers more than you. The healing properties of lyrics and melodies were not lost on you. You and Mr. Threadgill providing an emotional salve to heal a disenfranchised generation with your bold beliefs and actions spawned a current of thoughts, ideas and art that stands today. No single piece of public earth has ever filled the lives and minds of so many as any grand gardener would. You have tended and grown your legacy, and by choosing such a fine caretaker, when it came time to sit back and enjoy your vision you have ensured the human spirit will continue to blossom and the dark clouds will be vanquished from our hearts. That is a debt that's impossible to pay! Love, Charlie Stewart, March 25, 2014
Pete and Charlie
Pete And Charlie

Photos 2005 Handshake Management SWRFA Showcases

Photos 13th International Folk Alliance Conference
Friday Feb. 16, 2001

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Musical Opportunities!
“Since I’ve been working with Charlie Stewart at Handshake Management, many more musical opportunities have opened up for me. Charlie has a sixth sense about the music business and every suggestion he has given me produced positive results for my career. He just seems to know what makes sense for each artist. Charlie’s honesty and straightforwardness has enabled me to more properly focus on my musical direction.” …Brian Kalinec – Singer/Songwriter 02/01/07
Bill Wence “my own album”
From: Bill Wence E-mail:
“When it came time to put out my own album, I hired Charlie Stewart to handle the Folk radio stations. He did an exceptional job and I continually recommend him every day.” Bill Wence – Bill Wence Promotions, Nolensville, TN 06/19/08
“A man can move a mountain with his back, and the world with a song.” _Milt Gabler
Charlie Stewart-Pres. Handshake Management Ph: 512-731-3543 06/19/08
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